Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Growing Number of Single Women in Asia

I was reading the most recent issue of The Economist and came across the cover article that talks about the growing number of women in Asia who are rejecting marriage. This was not so much a startling statisitic to me as I am well aware that more and more women are opting to stay in school and gain an education before starting families. That is going to increase the number of single women in any country as the women are choosing to wait until later in life to get married which goes strongly against the traditional habits of Asian culture where they marry at a very young age and predominately serve the husband and family. The part of the article that stuck out the most was a quote I found on page 9 about a possible consequence of this decline. The article states, "Marriage socialises men: it is associated with lower levels of testosterone and less criminal behaviour. Less marriage might mean more crime." Well, that is a pretty bold statement, at least in my humble opinion. I don't know exaclty what it is that struck me when I read this, but something just seems a bit out of place to associate an increase in crime with a decrease in marriage. It seems as though men are being stamped as heathens when they are out from the under the control of a women. If that were the case, then what is Wabash College? We, as a College, must be a zoo!!

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