Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to the Eng 497 Blog

Welcome! While I've used moodle for class journals before, this time I wanted one of our blogs to be public. That way our thoughts and ideas could be "published" and we could get responses from the world outside Wabash. I am hoping that some of the students taking women's studies courses at Depauw will respond to some of our posts, and that a dialogue on gender could in that way be generated. We'll see. I'll give more details about ground rules in my next post, and welcome any suggestions you might have for getting the most out of this.

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  1. Last week's New Yorker had an article on a video game voice performer. I'm not into video games and only read this because my colleague Michael Abbott is quoted in it. But then I saw the gender implications. When you start the game, Mass Effect, you pick a gender for the main character--and 80% choose the Broshep instead of the Femshep voiced by the woman who the article is about. Many gaming experts see this as a "tragedy," because it turns out that the female voiced character brings so much more to the game, and Mike Abbott concurs. What has been your experience with video games, and do you see it as a gendered world?