Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music? Again? Really!?

No, I'll change subject matter, at least for the week. What's been on my mind for this last week is Football. I've been watching an inordinate amount of that and ESPN. What self-respecting man wouldn't? (Joke...) However, one thing that I've noticed, on every station, is the repetition of one specific advertisement campaign. Miller Light has began marketing specifically to men... by challenging their manliness. The series of commercials, we all know them, downgrade the manliness of skinny jeans, speedos, fake tanning, and attending the facilities in groups. Hilarity ensues when the women, scantily clad, decide to deride the violations as well. What really struck my fancy, however was the issue of justifying drinking a light beer. Is light beer some how a woman's drink; is this why Miller Light has started a manliness campaign? Me, personally, I thoroughly enjoy light beer from time to time, but I began to thing about my past experience... On this campus, light beer, despite being popular, is frowned upon. I hear, "Why didn't you get heavy?" or "Bud Light? No diesel?" Hmm... Why would an all guy's campus frown upon light beer? As an all-male school, are we the perfect place to define masculinity? I think there is certain merit in that question. But, as many at this campus would say, back to the beer. If light beer is really seen as unmanly, feminine, I can see why Miller is now trying to change a marketing campaign to target men specifically. With luscious females, a casual bar scene, and stubble on their faces, men are being men, and these men, as they denigrate their fellow male companion, judge masculinity based upon their beer choice, which is now, apparently, light! Why however, I must ask though, are skinny jeans, fake tans, and speedos unmanly? Is it really unmanly, or is Miller marketing some sort of homophobia in these ads? The bathroom ad would certainly lead me to believe that they indeed are.

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